Data Center Services

With a strong foundation in data center services, Exodata is well-equipped to guide you toward the optimal solution for your physical or virtual data centers. Our offerings range from colocation in our extensive national facilities to modernization, migration, and establishing hybrid cloud connections.

Managed IT Excellence: Discover the Exodata Difference

Colocation and Data Center Services

Exodata manages five data centers across the United States, serving as the backbone for our private cloud platform and offering colocation services to clients in need of physical servers or network interconnection hubs.

Uptime, Connectivity, and Security

Digital transformation doesn’t always equate to cloud solutions; sometimes what you really need is a dependable data center partner who ensures continuous operation. Exceptionally secure facilities featuring redundant power and network configurations.

A range of network providers offering speeds up to 100+ Gbps Energy-efficient facility layouts boasting an average 1.2 PUE for cost-effective operations.

Enhanced Customer Support

Every Exodata team member is committed to delivering an outstanding client experience. We’re convinced our team will bring unparalleled support value to your organization.

  • Onsite personnel at every data center location for remote hands assistance
  • Unwavering Service Level Agreements and round-the-clock phone and email support
  • Well-documented standard procedures and transparent customer communication

Digital Transformation within the Data Center

We get it — your data center needs to operate flawlessly. As the industry has evolved to embrace cloud computing, escalating power densities, network speeds over 100 Gbps, and surging data volumes, Exodata has consistently been at the forefront. Each of these technological advancements represents a form of digital transformation in the arena of data center design and operations.

With more than a decade of dependable service in data center management, Exodata has assisted organizations like yours in migrating intricate, interconnected systems nationwide with minimal downtime, as well as integrating on-site servers with interconnection hubs and cloud resources.

Your data center may remain static until it becomes problematic—be it due to accumulated technical debt, mandatory upgrades triggered by new services or applications, spatial constraints, or simply the failure to maintain needed uptime. Exodata can offer expert advice to preempt these issues, helping you construct a data center environment that’s reliable for the long term.

Sustainable Data Center Design

Our approach centers on energy-efficient data center design and operations. Not only does this minimize our environmental footprint, but it also translates to cost savings for our clients. Our efficiency initiatives include:

  • Year-round free cooling
  • Modular, custom-designed data center “pods”
  • Hot/cold aisle containment strategies
  • A strong emphasis on virtualization
  • Use of Energy Star-certified equipment
  • Minimum requirements for power supply efficiency
  • Monitoring and tracking of power and temperature metrics

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