Azure Data Services

Exodata sets up Power Platform and Azure Data Services to create intuitive reports and dashboards that spotlight crucial insights from your digital services.

Uptime Guaranteed: Exodata’s Data Center and Infrastructure Services

Power Platform & Azure Reports

Leveraging robust cloud data platforms, Exodata provides immediate insights that give you an overview of your business operations.

  • Seamless integration with existing Microsoft Azure and 365 applications, with the flexibility to expand to other services
  • Real-time data and visualizations available on any device
  • Quickly uncover detailed insights for any business initiative

Unlock the Potential of Your Data

Your digital platforms churn out massive amounts of data—data that can give you a leg up in the competitive market. Failing to utilize this information for actionable insights means missing out on valuable opportunities.

While Power Platform and Azure Data Services serve a multitude of functions beyond basic reporting and dashboards, Exodata specializes in employing their cloud-native features to create custom dashboards for our clients. We also offer several standardized dashboards tied to our services, including in-depth security and patch compliance dashboards that provide an overview of your infrastructure’s risk profile.

  • Additional applications for dashboard reporting include:
  • Aggregating data from diverse sources and user interactions
  • Tailored alerts for Key Performance Indicators
  • Predicting trends in sales, web traffic, support tickets, or risks for proactive planning
  • Evaluating performance metrics or customer satisfaction levels