Cloud Solutions

Offering an extensive array of cloud consulting and management services, Exodata is your go-to partner for designing, migrating, optimizing, and managing Microsoft Azure and hosted VMware cloud setups, regardless of their size or complexity.

Scalable, Secure, Supported: Exodata’s Managed IT Offerings

Discover the Perfect Cloud for You

Each cloud deployment is unique. Our certified engineers, seasoned consultants, and committed delivery teams are on hand to steer you toward a cloud solution that is efficient, secure, and robust, regardless of your chosen platform or technology.

Cloud Management

Exodata possesses the engineering and support personnel needed to augment your team and guarantee that your cloud resources are steady, secure, and efficient.

  • Oversight of the cloud platform, virtual machines, and related infrastructure
  • IT operations and cybersecurity services
  • Pave the way for innovation through automation and AI

Cloud Consulting

Exodata guides you through the maze of providers and platforms to establish cloud services that deliver on the key business metrics that are important to you.

  • Get ready for deployment with thorough assessment and migration planning
  • Spot opportunities for boosting efficiency and cost-effectiveness
  • Set the stage for future innovation through automation and AI

Azure Expert MSP

Azure Expert MSPs are specialized service providers with a focus on DevOps and system operations. They offer cloud architectures along with technical advisory services and have undergone a rigorous third-party audit, certified by Microsoft, to validate their capabilities within the Azure ecosystem.

Choosing an Azure Expert MSP over a conventional MSP for your Azure needs offers a more comprehensive perspective on achieving your business objectives. An Azure Expert MSP has the flexibility to adapt and scale based on your specific business goals, irrespective of the workload, application, or service involved.

AWS Cloud Expert

Exodata has a robust history in cloud operations and AWS services. We can collaborate with you to sustain, expand, migrate, or modernize your AWS environment. As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, we possess extensive experience in delivering secure and scalable cloud solutions.

Explore our AWS cloud platform, featuring various storage options like Amazon S3, EBS, or EFS, along with private cloud solutions using Amazon VPC for workloads that demand additional security, compliance, or customization.

Cloud Services