Managed Security Services

Managed security services offer a financially savvy and proficient way to address information security risks while fulfilling governance and compliance mandates.

Risk Mitigation and Robust Security with Exodata’s MSP Services

Security Assurance for Your Tech Infrastructure

Exodata provides a comprehensive suite of IT security solutions designed to protect your essential systems from unauthorized access, data theft, and harmful activities such as malware or ransomware attacks.

Safeguard your brand’s reputation, minimize costs associated with compliance and governance, and prevent productivity losses from system downtimes by educating your users, implementing monitoring and response mechanisms, and eradicating vulnerabilities within your IT framework.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Exodata’s managed SIEM services employ a methodology based on the Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) hierarchy of needs. This encompasses the oversight of audit log collection and agents, monitoring and responses for IT security risks, incident management, and threat awareness.

We develop processes and technical safeguards across your entire IT landscape, focusing on these key aspects:

  • Asset Inventory: What constitutes your IT resources?
  • Data Visibility: Is there full transparency across these assets?
  • Event Identification: Can unauthorized activities be spotted?
  • Event Categorization: How are detection findings classified?
  • Adversary Analysis: Who are the potential intruders and what capabilities do they possess?
  • Behavior Analysis: Are there any irregular user or system activities?
  • Cyber-Hunting: Where are the intruders that may already be within the information system?
  • Movement Tracking: Upon detection of an intrusion, what routes do the intruders take within the system and what actions do they perform?
  • Countermeasures: What tactics can be deployed to remove identified intruders and return the system to a secure state?
  • Threat Data Analysis: How can insights from one security incident be used to enhance the defenses for other clients?

Dynamic Application Security Testing

Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) serves as an external security assessment method for your applications, operating outside your network or hosting environment. Exodata’s DAST services employ black-box techniques to evaluate frequent attack routes, such as those listed in the OWASP Top 10, and identify any existing vulnerabilities in your applications. Our offerings include:

  • Scanning for web application vulnerabilities
  • Scheduled scans on a monthly basis, or up to four on-demand scans per month (e.g., for CI/CD cycles)
  • Evaluations against OWASP Top 10 and prevalent configuration errors
  • Transparent reporting and actionable remediation suggestions
  • Assistance for troubleshooting issues

Endpoint Security Solutions

Endpoint security is designed to safeguard your workloads at their origin: on servers, workstations, and user devices. Exodata assists you in implementing robust security measures at the host level, including a comprehensive set of anti-malware and anti-virus utilities, firewalls, and detection and response mechanisms.

Components of Exodata’s managed endpoint security offerings are:

  • Anti-malware solutions
  • Host Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (HIPS)
  • Host-based firewalls
  • Ransomware countermeasures
  • Disk encryption
  • Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)
  • Management and operation of endpoint security agents
  • Event monitoring and responses
  • Incident management services

Collectively, these tools can identify both new and familiar malware, halt ransomware by reversing malicious encryption attempts, and counteract typical exploit strategies.

Integrated web security features enable the blocking of harmful websites and malicious traffic while maintaining organizational policies. Our endpoint security solutions are compatible with a broad range of devices and operating systems.

Phishing Awareness and Training

Phishing attacks continue to exploit users as the weak link in many cybersecurity defenses. However, a workforce trained in phishing awareness can act as a human firewall against such threats. Exodata’s phishing awareness training aims to alter employee behavior and reduce organizational risks through frequent, realistic phishing simulations, supported by effective training and reporting mechanisms.

We offer quarterly training sessions and bi-annual phishing tests, with mandatory remedial training for any employees who fail.

Vulnerability Assessments

Exodata’s managed vulnerability scanning services aim to discover known software vulnerabilities in your deployed software and operating systems, such as unpatched software or misconfigurations. This data is then organized and tracked over time to gauge the effectiveness of your vulnerability management program.

With regular reports on vulnerabilities throughout your entire IT infrastructure, you gain the insights needed to patch, update, or alter endpoints, servers, and services to fix any identified security gaps.