Project Scope and Strategy Development

Exodata steers your organization through the appropriate IT solutions aligned with your current stage of digital transformation. We start by conducting a comprehensive project scope and planning session, delivering a thorough implementation roadmap, key milestones, deployment alternatives, and additional insights.

From Cloud to Security: Exodata’s Full-Spectrum IT Services

Transforming Business Concepts into Tech-Enabled Solutions

Every organization has a unique relationship with technology. Exodata devotes time to understanding the business challenges and goals that drive your initiatives. Collaborating with your team, we develop cutting-edge applications and infrastructure solutions that position you for future success.

DevOps Readiness Planning

If you’re in the market for a DevOps software delivery strategy, Exodata goes beyond just laying out infrastructure benchmarks. We dive into your organizational structure and processes to generate a DevOps readiness assessment. This helps us identify the right people to be part of your Delivery Team and offer ongoing technical guidance throughout your project lifecycle. The planning phase also involves recommending appropriate coding languages, platforms, and tools to build your solution effectively.

Before diving into a DevOps project, we also assist you in managing your agile portfolio, ensuring that we are focusing on projects that deliver maximum value. Due to the iterative nature of DevOps, this evaluation process is ongoing, with regular checkpoints to assess the value being delivered by the evolving solution.

Infrastructure Project Planning

For cloud and IT infrastructure needs, Exodata’s solutions and architecture teams perform a comprehensive evaluation of your existing setup. We design a combination of computing power, networking, storage, and software that aligns most effectively with your business objectives.

Rather than just providing a quote for the services you think you need, we conduct an extensive review of your current infrastructure—how effective it is for your users, its compatibility with cloud or off-site solutions, and whether it meets your performance expectations.

What you get is a tailored infrastructure design that avoids over-provisioning or under-provisioning, ensuring that your IT setup operates as intended while meeting your goals for functionality and ease of use.

Discovery Levels

Tier 1 Discovery serves as a basic pre-sales step that sets the groundwork for solution design and pricing. This level relies on self-service forms and interactions via phone or email.

Tier 2 Discovery offers a more thorough review of your existing infrastructure through automated reports and deep software analysis. This allows us to gain deeper insights into performance, bottlenecks, compatibility issues, and future needs.

Tier 3 Discovery is a paid service that offers a full-scale assessment of your infrastructure by hands-on engineering experts. The outcome is a comprehensive report that includes observations, recommendations, performance benchmarks, and reviews of technical documentation.