Backup Solutions

Safeguard your IT infrastructure, applications, and data through our managed backup services, hosted either in the cloud or in one of our nationwide data centers.

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Cloud and Colocation Backup Solutions

The growing volume of data, heightened regulatory compliance requirements, and expectations for 100% uptime service level agreements (SLAs) are compelling businesses to reassess their backup strategies. Reliable and readily accessible backups are essential, particularly if you’ve experienced missed backup windows or endured long restore times.

Backup as a Service (BaaS)

Our Cloud Backup as a Service (BaaS) provides a quick and secure solution for data and file restoration, linking your essential systems to a public, private, or hybrid cloud environment. Ideal for virtualized settings, remote offices, or NAS servers, BaaS enables you to:

  • Minimize backup windows and network bandwidth consumption
  • Utilize one-click recovery features
  • Customize your backup policies and easily scale capacity as needed

Backup and Recovery Services

Besides snapshot utilities, Exodata provides backup appliances and software solutions. Our advanced Backup as a Service (BaaS) features cutting-edge deduplication technologies, substantially reducing both file size and bandwidth requirements for effective BaaS deployments. This enables speedy daily backups, removes repetitive sub-file data fragments, and allows for quick and straightforward backup recovery.

BaaS billing is based on your actual storage consumption, offering you the flexibility to customize retention periods. Your bill adjusts in accordance with any changes in data volume resulting from modified retention policies.

We offer versatile backup options, including both guest-level and image-level backups.