Azure Cloud

As a seasoned Azure Expert MSP, Exodata serves as your guide to achieving success on Azure platforms. Whether it’s adopting Azure, migrating to it, or optimizing its automation features, we’re committed to enhancing your cloud ROI.

Managed IT Excellence: Discover the Exodata Difference

Azure Cloud Service Provider

Scalable, automated, and consistently deployable Azure cloud services are your best bet for establishing a future-ready, high-efficiency corporate IT infrastructure using top-of-the-line IaaS and PaaS solutions.

As a validated Azure Expert MSP, ExoData successfully completes a demanding yearly evaluation to confirm our hands-on proficiency and skills in Azure. Our commitment to Automation, DevOps, and Digital Transformation aids in progressing your organization from the initial Assessment Phase, through the Enablement stage, and into contemporary Cloud Operations underpinned by Azure advancements.

Customized Azure Solutions Tailored for Your Needs


Exodata delivers expert advice on cutting-edge enterprise technology options that empower digital metamorphosis, enhance IT flexibility, and bolster high-performance computing.

  • Comprehensive cloud lifecycle strategies and implementations, ranging from Evaluation and Blueprinting to Development and Transition, followed by Governance and Refinement phases.
  • Training in Azure, as well as sustained oversight of both native Azure and auxiliary third-party tools, fostering growth across the predefined Evaluation, Facilitation, and Operation phases.
  • Automated frameworks and codified protocols designed to amplify, safeguard, and manage expansive cloud landscapes within the Azure ecosystem.
  • Goal-oriented application strategies, centered on business objectives, emphasizing a solution-first design and governance perspective that prioritizes the end-goal and architecture over a bottom-up infrastructure focus.
  • Robust performance and security oversight mechanisms, intrinsically aligned with authentic business requirements.

Azure Adoption

As our team of Azure specialists develop your tailored strategy, they integrate your business goals and concentrate on pivotal aspects of your cloud transition journey:

  • Security & Compliance: Align with both company-specific and industry-standard benchmarks like CIS and NIST for information security and data governance.
  • Cost Management & Oversight: Minimize unnecessary cloud expenses by employing best-practice configurations, and establish financial controls to ensure budget adherence.
  • Operational Harmonization: Enhance your current workflows and modify essential tools to accommodate Azure-specific operational needs.
  • Risk Mitigation: Proactively identify and neutralize potential risks early in the planning phase to ensure a secure and safe progression throughout your cloud adoption journey.

Azure Proof of Concept

The Structured Azure Foundation Build comprises hands-on assistance from our experts during the initial stages of your Azure rollout. This service includes:

  • Security & Compliance: Safeguard your systems and data with stringent security measures, real-time monitoring solutions, and adherence to necessary compliance protocols.
  • Resource Governance & Efficiency: Skillfully administer your Azure assets to optimize business returns, enhance application performance, and align with budget constraints.
  • Identity & Access Governance: Configure user roles and orchestrate identity management within Azure for secure, simplified user access.
  • Networking Setup: Seamlessly connect your cloud infrastructure to existing on-premises data centers or third-party services, ensuring both effective bandwidth utilization and robust security measures.

In the final stage, we incorporate an operational readiness assessment that syncs your Azure operations with your overarching operations management protocols. We evaluate system monitoring capabilities and advanced management functionalities, enabling you to effectively oversee your Azure resources, achieve your business objectives, and consistently monitor benchmarks and KPIs.