Infrastructure & Data Center Solutions

Today’s data centers and hosting infrastructure platforms are highly dynamic, giving both business decision-makers and IT teams the ability to roll out scalable, automated computing solutions with ease.

Tailored IT Management by Exodata: Your Path to Digital Success

Quick Deployment & Streamlined Management of Contemporary IT Services

Exodata boasts a team of experts and a dependable support structure that you can rely on for advice and administration of your essential digital infrastructure. In return for your trust, we’re committed to enhancing your operations, providing tangible ROI, and bringing your business into the modern age.

Infrastructure that Fuels Innovation

Since our foundation, Exodata has been at the forefront of managing enterprise-level data centers and cloud ecosystems. We understand that contemporary IT operations have progressed, and we harness this advancement to swiftly and effectively address your needs.

  • Nationwide physical data centers featuring state-of-the-art resilience, networking, and efficiency
  • Comprehensive expertise in cloud and virtualization as an Azure Expert MSP and AWS Expert MSP
  • Cloud-native offerings such as Infrastructure as Code, serverless computing, and containerization to usher in new levels of efficiency and functionality

The Future of Cloud Computing

Simplifying the deployment and management of applications with inherent features like security, governance, integration, scalability, and resilience has never been more attainable. This is due to breakthrough technologies that abstract your services from the underlying hardware, thereby facilitating portability and automation. Exodata’s team of consultants and engineers are equipped to spearhead the integration of these avant-garde infrastructure platforms and management capabilities, including:

  • Azure Automation
  • Infrastructure as Code
  • Container technologies like Kubernetes
  • Serverless computing

Exodata also provides automation options for conventional data centers and virtualized settings, enabling a seamless extension of your physical resources into the cloud while ensuring they remain secure, compliant, and perform optimally.

Reach out to us today to learn how we can modernize and enhance your infrastructure operations through these cutting-edge technologies.

Managed IT Infrastructure Services

Exodata doesn’t just offer one-time consulting for your infrastructure needs; we also offer comprehensive, ongoing management. We assure:

  • Uninterrupted service backed by 100% Service Level Agreements
  • Managed backup, disaster recovery, and continuous system monitoring
  • Keeping your applications, platforms, and services up-to-date, compliant, and fortified with the latest security patches

We tailor infrastructure solutions according to best-fit templates and your specific configuration needs.

Infrastructure & Data Center