Managed Cloud

Exodata’s expertise provides you the benefit of cloud platforms and services’ scalability and flexibility, without the burden of continuous management and integration tasks.

Leverage the Cloud with Exodata's Managed Services

Management for Azure and Hosted VMware Cloud

For many businesses adopting a cloud-first approach, optimizing legacy infrastructure remains a priority. Exodata eliminates the guesswork from cloud migration and testing. We help you design the ideal solution while ensuring that your platforms and applications are current and operating at peak performance.

Comprehensive IT Operations Management

Exodata’s ITOM services offer a holistic solution that includes routine cloud administration tasks such as:

  • Setting up and configuring cloud platforms and virtual machines
  • Managing identity planes and access
  • Implementing patching, monitoring, and alert systems

Enhanced Support Value

While many cloud providers charge a premium for phone support, dedicated project management, or round-the-clock access, Exodata delivers a superior support solution for your cloud platforms. Our offerings include:

  • Comprehensive helpdesk and problem-solving services, with priority escalation to engineers
  • 24/7 support via phone, email, or portal
  • A guaranteed 15-minute ‘Hear from a Human’ response time

Public cloud hosting presents a range of benefits, including transitioning from a capital expenditure-based IT model to an operational expense-based one. This flexibility aids in planning your IT infrastructure while responding to business initiatives such as new ventures or seasonal server demands.

Managed Cloud Hosting from Exodata Features:

  • Adaptable, expandable infrastructure so you only incur costs for what you utilize
  • Global cloud availability zones
  • Continuously updated operating systems and hypervisor software
  • Quick vulnerability patching and protection
  • Comprehensive backup and disaster recovery options: back up and restore from on-site, Exodata centers, or Azure availability zones
  • Both block and object storage options with SSD accessibility

Support and Services for Any Managed Cloud

Whether your needs are geared towards a private cloud for high-demand workloads, a hybrid cloud for on-premises connections, or a public cloud for quick deployment of new tasks and applications, our skilled engineers can tailor the perfect setting for your enterprise.

We handle virtual machine and cloud platform management, freeing your team to concentrate on business growth and employee productivity rather than on troubleshooting, scaling, or backup tasks for your cloud infrastructure.

Exodata’s cloud team holds Azure and VMware certifications along with MCSE and other Microsoft credentials. You’ll gain from cost reductions, cutting-edge cloud technology, and compatibility with existing infrastructure through our expert cloud management.

Cloud Evaluation and Refinement

Exodata ensures cloud environments are optimized for your specific needs and corporate objectives, minimizing operational expenses and reducing sprawl.

Operating Systems

From setup to configuration, our managed cloud operating systems are delivered securely, reviewed, and sustained with patches and backups.

Application Management and Hosting

Our team will fine-tune your applications for optimal performance or troubleshoot resource-intensive apps, specifically tailoring your software for your VMware or Azure cloud environment.

Backup and Storage

Robust, all-inclusive, and secure remote backup software takes snapshots of your VMs. Flawless and sturdy replication services maintain your critical infrastructure’s availability and safeguard data across geographically diverse locations.

Security and Monitoring

Sleep soundly with our managed security services for your cloud setup. Exodata’s team conducts security fortification, auditing, and continuous surveillance to protect you against DDoS attacks, ransomware, unauthorized data access, and other typical security risks.

DIY Azure Plans

Procure your Azure subscription from Exodata either with or without a support contract. Manage Azure on your own, or collaborate with our Azure Expert MSP team. Either way, you’ll gain:

  • Expert advice for cost efficiency
  • Exclusive access to webinars led by our Azure professionals
  • Insightful blog posts offering tips and updates on evolving features
  • Guidance on automation
  • Potential cost reductions through Reserved Instances (RIs)
  • Help in acquiring other Microsoft licenses to streamline and unify vendors.