Private VMware Cloud

For cloud applications with unique requirements, Exodata assists in designing and managing private cloud deployments on hosted VMware or individual Azure instances

Tailored IT Management by Exodata: Your Path to Digital Success

Single Tenant Private Cloud Hosting

Single-tenant private clouds provide you with the flexibility of Infrastructure as a Service, enhanced by an extra level of control. Your data, applications, and systems are isolated from other clients within Exodata’s VMware cloud or in dedicated Azure instances.

Private Cloud Features

Exodata streamlines the process for your team by assessing and suggesting the optimal private cloud configurations and platforms, tailored to meet your compliance and capability requirements.

  • Choose your preferred geographic location for workloads that are sensitive to location or for disaster recovery purposes.
  • Integrate seamlessly with public or hybrid clouds as well as on-premises resources.
  • Gain enhanced control over both security and performance metrics.

When is a Hosted Private Cloud the Right Choice?

Opting for a hosted private cloud may be more suitable for organizations with stringent demands for security, performance, and control. With a private cloud, you get the advantages of cloud technology while enjoying an isolated IT environment and dedicated hardware.

While public cloud services can offer robust measures for security, privacy, and performance akin to traditional IT setups, some organizations prefer private options for particular workloads, such as:

For Mission-Critical Applications and SLAs

Certain applications and processes that are crucial to business operations and revenue may require specialized configurations and come with demanding Service Level Agreements (SLAs). A hosted private cloud offers dedicated resources for production, providing more control over configurations and geographic placement.

For Safeguarding Intellectual Property

If your business relies heavily on technology for product or service delivery, or if engineering is central to your operations, a hosted private cloud can extend your on-premise resources while safeguarding your intellectual property. This setup enables innovation while minimizing risk.

For Meeting Regulatory Compliance

Should you have concerns about data sovereignty in line with your cloud strategies, a hosted private cloud can provide more transparency than public cloud options. This type of cloud environment is often more accommodating to specific auditing requirements and can document the movement of data on physical infrastructure more readily.

For Risk-Averse Organizations

Entities that have traditionally been cautious about using off-premise resources, or those transitioning legacy applications, might find a private cloud to be a comfortable intermediary step from a conventional data center towards a more flexible Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).