Windows 10 Desktop Modernization

Upgrading to Windows 10 can significantly boost productivity, enhance security measures, facilitate self-service options, and enrich user experience throughout your enterprise. Exodata assists you in streamlining the upgrade procedures, managing licenses, and overseeing device administration.

Unleash the Power of Exodata's Advanced Data Center Services

Reasons to Transition to Windows 10

Microsoft has declared Windows 10 to be its ultimate desktop operating system, abandoning the idea of releasing new versions like Windows 11, 12, or beyond. Instead, the company plans to roll out significant updates twice a year to refine the existing OS.

Upgrading to Windows 10 is crucial for future-proofing your infrastructure, particularly because Windows 7 has already reached its end-of-life status.

Exodata has experience in effectively managing deployments ranging from 500 to 5,000 seats. We’re equipped to guide your organization towards a future-ready path with Windows 10.

When Is the Right Time for Desktop Upgrades?

The decision to modernize desktops is often spurred by specific events, which Exodata has frequently encountered or learned about from clients. These trigger events include:

  • End-of-Life Support for Software
  • Contract and License Renewals
  • Data Center Streamlining Initiatives
  • Security and Regulatory Requirements

Lower Your Total Cost of Ownership

Through streamlined management and automation, cut down staff expenses by effortlessly provisioning new desktops while easily establishing policies and guidelines.

Enhanced Security Features

Benefit from continual updates and formal Microsoft support; Windows 10 presents a more secure enterprise desktop computing setting compared to older versions like Windows 7, which has already reached its support end date.

Align with Business Objectives

Are you finding your current platform constraining your organizational vision? Is technology becoming a hindrance for your workforce? Legacy IT frameworks often miss out on contemporary features that offer optimal efficiency, scalability, and reliability.

No matter your reason for considering an upgrade, modernizing your desktop services supplies the tools and data required for your team to collaborate and operate remotely. Exodata can facilitate the migration of servers, databases, and applications to an up-to-date platform.