Microsoft Azure

As an Azure Expert MSP and a Microsoft Gold Partner boasting multiple staff MVPs, Exodata is fully prepared to steer your Azure cloud strategy, execution, and ongoing management.

Uptime Guaranteed: Exodata’s Data Center and Infrastructure Services

Microsoft Azure Consulting, Management, and Cloud Native Applications

The Microsoft Azure Cloud platform is versatile enough to accommodate the needs of large enterprise applications as well as small development and testing deployments. It offers a comprehensive suite of add-ons and integrations, making it both highly customizable and exceptionally robust.

Exodata assists you in selecting, deploying, and administering the most suitable Azure PaaS and IaaS subscriptions for your applications. This covers everything from security and identity management to automation and performance optimization.

We Build Superior Azure Solutions

As a certified Azure Expert MSP, Exodata specializes in crafting and overseeing cloud solutions tailored to your application needs and business workflows.

We optimize your Azure subscriptions through strategic consulting, design next-generation cloud-native applications, and handle daily management and security tasks within your Azure ecosystem.

With our team of MVPs and around-the-clock support for all managed services, you can rely on Exodata’s cloud solutions to bolster your operations.

Azure-Optimized Modern Applications

Exodata’s Software Delivery Teams build applications that are seamlessly integrated with Azure, ensuring impactful business results while providing a robust, automated, and resilient hosting environment.

  • We center our application development around your specific requirements, fostering knowledge exchange and team integration.
  • By incorporating cutting-edge elements like Infrastructure as Code, microservices, and smart applications, we future-proof your software deployments.
  • Key aspects such as governance, security, testing, reliability, and automation are implemented to maintain high availability and robust protection for your applications.

Managed Azure Services by Industry Experts

Exodata’s team of solutions architects and project managers excel in their responsiveness and meticulous attention to detail.

  • Our unique offer of round-the-clock support and a 15-minute response time guarantee set us apart from the competition.
  • We provide tailored IT Operations Management to oversee and monitor your Azure ecosystem efficiently.
  • Our Managed Security Services offer proactive threat prevention and quick remediation.
  • Services for system optimization, timely patching, and resilience ensure your operations remain uninterrupted.