Azure Virtual Desktop

Rely on an Azure Expert MSP for Deployment and Management of Azure Virtual Desktop Trust Exodata, an accredited Azure Expert MSP, for the seamless deployment and efficient management of Azure Virtual Desktop, Microsoft’s premier service for cloud-powered virtual desktop infrastructure.

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Adaptable Cloud-Based Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) is Microsoft’s service for cloud-enabled desktop and application distribution, providing straightforward administration of user desktops through Azure management, support for multi-session Windows environments, and integrations with Microsoft 365.

Managed Azure Virtual Desktop Services

Backed by our around-the-clock customer support and expertise as an Azure Expert MSP, we ensure that your virtual desktop setup is finely tuned, secure, and consistently updated.

  • Initial technical analysis, setup of infrastructure, and access management
  • Configuring, deploying, scaling, and fine-tuning desktop images
  • Continuous monitoring, support, data safeguarding, and security measures

Advantages of Azure Virtual Desktop

AVD provides a multi-session Windows environment accessible from virtually any location. Enhanced for Microsoft 365 and capable of streaming applications or delivering SaaS to your user base, AVD serves as a robust and versatile platform for full desktop experiences.

Exodata can assist you in swiftly deploying and scaling your virtual desktops, taking advantage of cloud flexibility and cost-effective pricing. The platform’s built-in PaaS features like advanced security and identity management simplify administrative tasks. Other key benefits encompass:

  • Reduced operational costs, license savings, and minimized desktop device management time
  • Enhanced productivity and teamwork through seamless 365 integration
  • A variety of deployment alternatives, such as the selection of OS, client devices, and options for persistent or non-persistent desktops
  • Streamlined desktop management and administrative processes
  • Security enhancements like Azure Active Directory, limited attack exposure, detailed access controls, and segregated user sessions

Powered by Azure’s industry-leading cloud platform, featuring IaaS, PaaS, and serverless solutions supported by an extensive Marketplace and partner network

Transition from Windows Server (RDS) or Legacy Windows 7

Execute your desktop modernization strategies effectively with included security patches for Windows 7 virtual desktops, along with a tailored migration roadmap to transition your virtual desktops to Windows 10.

Extended application support for AVD running on Windows 7 is available through 2023. For more details, explore our desktop modernization services.

AVD also provides compatibility for Windows Server 2012 and Remote Desktop Services 2012R2 and later versions. This ensures application compatibility for your existing on-premises Windows Server configurations.

AVD Implementation Services

Exodata specializes in the design, rollout, and setup of AVD, along with provisioning Azure and user subscriptions as needed. During the deployment phase, we assist you in the following ways:

  • Set up Azure Active Directory
  • Establish Level 3 connectivity between Azure and your location using a VPN Gateway Appliance
  • Initiate an AVD tenant, set up two Virtual Desktop host pools, and create new virtual machines