Customer Support & Assistance

Exodata delivers top-notch customer support and services for every client interaction. Our baseline support services are designed to add immense value in ensuring the uninterrupted operation of your critical applications and services. With our “Talk to a Human” guarantee, you’ll never be left waiting for a ticket to be answered.

Leverage the Cloud with Exodata's Managed Services

Talk to a Human Support

At Exodata, customer satisfaction takes center stage. Expect top-tier customer service in every interaction, reflecting our unwavering commitment to your team and your business success.

Our Global Service Center is on standby 24/7 to offer phone or email support to all clients, irrespective of the service in question. We pledge that you’ll get a response from a real human within 15 minutes or less.

Compared to costly premium support from competitors, Exodata’s complimentary support offers incredible value for many hosted services.

Need Customer Support?

Head over to the Customer Support page to find out how to initiate a support ticket via phone, email, or through our customer portal.

What Does ‘Talk to a Human’ Really Mean?

No more endless waits for email replies or ticket updates. Our Global Service Center is primed to diagnose your issues and tackle underlying infrastructure challenges swiftly.

Every customer benefits from a 15-Minute Response Time SLA, completely free of charge. This is a level of service for which many other cloud providers and data centers charge a significant monthly fee.

Our complimentary support includes:

  • Diagnostic services for virtual data centers, virtual machines, and supported firewall issues
  • Initial setup and configuration of virtual data centers

Talk to a Human Support

Please note that additional charges or a Managed Service agreement might apply for:

  • Resolving issues specific to virtual machines
  • Detailed setup and configuration of virtual machines
  • Physical server setup, installation, or configuration for hybrid cloud solutions
  • Troubleshooting, configuration, or setup for third-party firewalls or load balancers—

Core Support Services

We’re committed to uninterrupted service and stellar customer care. Every client setup comes bundled with an array of standard services at no extra charge, streamlining the installation, upkeep, and daily running of your infrastructure.

  • Client Dashboard
  • Monitoring Suite
  • Around-the-Clock Support
  • Contact via phone, email, or client portal
  • 15-Minute Response Guarantee
  • Outlined Routine Procedures
  • Limited Colocation Services (e.g., remote hands, system reboots)

Client Dashboard

Our client dashboard provides you with immediate access to a comprehensive suite of online utilities designed to keep your systems at peak performance. These utilities offer real-time bandwidth statistics, service ticket administration, resource allocation, and billing oversight.

Monitoring Suite

We offer complimentary, robust monitoring systems for both cloud and colocation services. These tools keep tabs on your servers, apps, network connections, databases, and storage. These scalable solutions monitor all your computational resources, helping you prevent overprovisioning, save costs, and ward off security threats.

Unlike big cloud providers who charge extra for such services, you’ll have continual insight into your system’s performance and expenses, plus the benefit of 24/7 live support—all included in your contract.

Monitor metrics such as:

  • Electric Power Status
  • CPU Load
  • RAM Utilization
  • Network Activity

Our customizable dashboards, alerts, and reports ensure that key performance metrics reach you whenever and wherever you need them. You can keep track of SLA adherence and set service level objectives, or integrate your existing utilities through a potent API, all from a unified platform.

24/7/365 Support and Service Manager

Any time you need help, our expert technicians are just a call or click away. Every account is also overseen by a dedicated Client Service Manager who aids in:

  • End-to-end order facilitation
  • Standardized service cycles
  • Implementation strategies
  • Data migration assistance
  • Identifying supplemental products and services to enhance your setup
  • A single contact point for all support and service-related matters

Comprehensive Documentation

All routine procedures are thoroughly documented for future reference, troubleshooting, and ongoing support. Each client will have unique Standard Operating Procedures and maintenance routines. If it can be articulated and logged, it can be successfully carried out. Custom protocols specify the manner and destination for alerts and other communications.

Included routine procedures:

  • Issue escalation protocols
  • Package reception
  • System reboots
  • Disk replacement procedures