Cloud Assessment

Included with all Exodata cloud offerings, a cloud capacity evaluation scrutinizes your IT landscape to prime your cloud for optimal performance.

Is Your Organization Cloud-Prepared?

Exodata cloud evaluations utilize an array of tools, both with and without agents, to scrutinize your existing IT infrastructure. This analysis culminates in a detailed report recommending the most appropriate cloud environment for a smooth migration and sustainable performance.

  • Circumvent the pitfalls of resource overcommitment and excessive cloud costs
  • Develop a roadmap for forthcoming IT expenditures and cloud platform choices
  • Collect benchmark data for informed planning of future infrastructure enhancements

Cloud Strategy Services

Exodata’s cloud capacity evaluation is an extra benefit included at no additional charge with all cloud deployments executed by our team. The analysis amasses key infrastructure metrics and suggests the requisite capacity for your cloud migration. This includes an overview of your existing infrastructure, a forward-looking plan for resource consolidation, cloud server suggestions, and a step-by-step deployment guide.

Included in Your Cloud Offerings

Save thousands by leveraging cloud assessments and migration strategies as added value from your service provider.

Your Roadmap to Cloud Solutions

Discover which applications are ideally suited for cloud transition and what alterations may be necessary in your IT framework for VMware virtualization or Azure cloud adoption.

Benchmark Indicators

Comprehensive benchmarks serve as valuable reference points for decisions related to capacity fine-tuning and server amalgamation.

Assured Performance Levels

The insights from the report enable you to anticipate the characteristics of your future cloud setting, ensuring it aligns with your long-term business requirements.

Platform Agnostic

Our cloud assessment methodology is fully compatible with any software and hardware, providing comprehensive coverage across your entire technology stack.