Modern Workforce

Fostering employee empowerment means equipping your teams with the tools and resources they need for secure and efficient remote work. Exodata enhances modern productivity through Microsoft applications, virtual desktop solutions, and cloud-based services.

Exodata Data Centers: The Backbone of Your Business Infrastructure

Tech Solutions for the Modern Work Environment

In today’s fast-paced world, your workforce demands flexibility without compromising on security and adherence to IT best practices. Exodata provides the platforms, services, and dedicated support teams you need to find that perfect balance and prepare your organization for the future.

Transform Your Work Processes

A robust modern workplace technology suite is more than just a Microsoft 365 subscription or a few virtual desktops. It’s a comprehensive strategy to revolutionize how your organization operates, covering:

Enterprise Mobility

As remote work becomes the norm, your team expects seamless access to applications, desktops, and data from any device and location. Exodata enables this level of productivity by incorporating robust access controls, identity management, and security features, many of which can be automated for enhanced efficiency, without compromising on security or compliance.

Information Security

Maintain your desired security posture and adhere to industry regulations or internal protocols. With options ranging from cloud-based encryption to Active Directory identity management, Microsoft Modern Workplace and Azure cloud security solutions enable continuous monitoring, alerting, and securing of your systems across multiple platforms — from end-user devices to cloud resources and in-house data centers.

Business Software

A complete tech stack isn’t just about traditional productivity tools like email or word processors. In a modern workspace, it incorporates digital voice and video calls, chat features, and cutting-edge cloud functionalities that allow your team to efficiently create, share, and modify documents and deliverables.

Collaboration Tools

Microsoft Teams has become an essential tool, continually rolling out new features. Whether it’s voice calls with dedicated inbound numbers or webinars hosting thousands, Teams is a hub for collaboration on any scale. Coupled with SharePoint intranets for document and information centralization, Microsoft’s suite of tools dramatically eases real-time collaboration and document sharing across your enterprise.

Cloud Foundation

All these functionalities rely on a robust cloud infrastructure for centralized management of identities, security, subscriptions, and data storage. Leveraging OneDrive, SharePoint, and Azure, Exodata helps you to securely store, manage, and organize large volumes of data, making it effortlessly accessible to your team whenever needed.

Modern Workplace