Dashboards & Reporting

Exodata utilizes Power Platform and Azure Data Services to create insightful reports and user-friendly dashboards that accentuate crucial data points from your digital services.

Exodata’s MSP Services: Powering Your Business to the Next Level

Power Platform & Azure Analytics

Exodata leverages cloud data platforms to provide immediate insights, offering you a snapshot of your business activities.

  • Seamless integration with existing Microsoft Azure and 365 applications, along with expandability to other services
  • Instant data and visualizations available on any device
  • Quickly uncover in-depth insights for various business objectives

Unlock Your Data’s Potential

Your digital services are a goldmine of data, waiting to be leveraged for a competitive edge. If you’re not utilizing this data to gain valuable insights, you’re missing out.

Exodata frequently employs Power Platform and Azure Data Services not just for basic reporting and dashboards, but to create customized dashboards tailored to our clients’ needs. We also offer pre-configured dashboards related to our services, such as exhaustive security and patch compliance summaries that outline your infrastructure’s risk profile.

Additional applications for dashboard reporting encompass:

  • Aggregating data from diverse sources and user groups
  • Custom alerts based on Key Performance Indicators
  • Predictive analytics for sales, customer traffic, support tickets, or potential risks
  • Evaluating performance metrics or gauging customer satisfaction