Managed SIEM via Azure Sentinel

Leveraging the robust capabilities of Azure Sentinel, Exodata’s Managed Security Information and Event Management Services (SIEM) offer unparalleled visibility into your entire IT infrastructure, whether it’s on-premises or cloud-based.

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Address Infosec Threats Everywhere

Exodata’s SIEM Services encompass real-time monitoring of your system for irregularities, evaluating the potential risks of detected threats, and activating incident response measures to mitigate and eradicate security incidents and breaches.

Utilizing Azure Sentinel, we’re capable of ingesting and scrutinizing data from diverse sources—be it Exodata’s VMware cloud, Azure-hosted landscapes, or your own on-premise data center. Customized dashboards tailored to your distinct IT requirements allow for streamlined threat reporting and management.

What is Azure Sentinel?

Azure Sentinel serves as a cloud-native Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution housed on Microsoft’s Azure platform. It functions seamlessly across both on-premises systems and various cloud services, incorporating native Azure platforms and other virtual cloud infrastructures like Exodata’s VMware Cloud.

For more details on how to kick-start your journey with Azure Sentinel, check out our blog series.

Exodata provides managed SIEM services through Azure Sentinel, which include:

Data Aggregation

Sentinel actively collects, consolidates, and summarizes data from all your users, applications, and systems, no matter their hosting environment.

Threat Identification

Incorporated analytics and Artificial Intelligence within Sentinel allow for precise threat identification and reduction of false alarms, letting you concentrate on effective solutions.

Investigative Reporting

Delve into in-depth security reports on your ecosystem to unearth suspicious activities, possible entry points for threats, and track actions taken.

Scalable Security

Benefit from unparalleled scalability options for your platform, permitting exhaustive data queries and storage even in the most extensive cloud settings, all while optimizing costs by only paying for what you use.

Swift Incident Handling

Promptly manage security incidents through integrated orchestration and automation capabilities, efficiently neutralizing risks and securing your vital applications and data.

Microsoft 365 Synergy

Achieve hassle-free integration with your Microsoft products, inclusive of combined reporting features on Microsoft 365 metrics.

Cost-Efficient SIEM

Exodata has extensive experience with both Sentinel and broader Azure offerings, facilitating cost-saving measures such as reserved tiers and audits that can significantly cut down your monthly expenses.

Azure Sentinel Management & Consulting

Exodata’s turnkey SIEM services feature:

  • Early detection of potential threats before they escalate into serious security incidents or breaches.
  • Correction of improperly configured security assets, including firewalls.
  • Accelerated response times for incident resolution and breach containment.
  • Around-the-clock network security monitoring (NSM) along with endpoint detection and response (EDR) for year-round protection.
  • Expert threat analysis and coordinated incident response measures.
  • Tailor-made SIEM dashboards that showcase real-time security metrics, event logs, and the status of all endpoints within your managed landscapes.