Data & Analytics

Exodata steers your organization toward the ideal data platforms and architectures, aligning them with your technology to unveil key business insights, develop intelligent integrated apps, and construct insightful analytics dashboards.

Master Azure Data Services & Power Platform

Exodata assists you in constructing, deploying, and managing smart applications, complete with the necessary data architecture and platform integrations. This empowers your business analytics, enables you to store and analyze massive amounts of data, and lets you leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning functionalities.

Azure Data Services

Exodata employs Azure data platforms to catalyze impactful transformations by rapidly extracting valuable insights from your data and creating intelligent applications that enhance user productivity.

  • Choosing and implementing suitable database and storage platforms such as SQL, Azure Data Lake, or Cosmos DB
  • Incorporating analytics and cognitive APIs for smart applications
  • Cloud analytics platforms capable of aggregating data from large-scale, distributed applications and devices.

Enable Business Intelligence & Data Analysis with Power Platform

Microsoft’s Power Platform suite is designed to equip individuals with minimal coding skills to generate actionable insights and create comprehensive data-driven applications. The suite can seamlessly integrate with other Microsoft offerings like 365, Dynamics, and Azure, providing a comprehensive view and analysis of your operational data. The platform consists of:

Power BI

This tool consolidates data from a wide array of connectable or uploadable sources, ranging from databases to spreadsheets. It then translates this data into interactive dashboards and reports that offer real-time insights, aiding your business decisions.

Power Apps

With Power Apps, you can effortlessly craft low-code applications that link to your organizational data sources and employ logic expressions. If you are comfortable with Excel and drag-and-drop graphic editors, you can easily build an app that runs on any device, or even integrates with Azure services and custom-built apps.

Power Automate

This cloud-based service streamlines repetitive tasks across your Microsoft services. Functions like sending alerts, posting messages, and updating records can all be automated. Power Automate comes with built-in AI functionalities that assist in prediction, processing, object identification, and categorization, all easily managed through an intuitive online interface.

Power Virtual Agents

Chatbots are increasingly prevalent and for a good reason: they can efficiently manage a majority of customer or internal queries, directing users to the required information or resources quickly.

Exodata melds Agile project delivery with these tools to develop inventive self-service BI solutions. We don’t just focus on report creation; we integrate intelligence into our solutions to develop “Smart Applications” that provide a strategic edge for your organization. 

Additionally, Exodata can craft and integrate dashboards for your essential IT management processes and other business units requiring detailed, customizable data visualizations. Our consultants are available for on-site training and workshops, equipping your team with self-sufficient Power Platform capabilities. By empowering your users with tools like Power Apps and Power BI, you open the door for potentially game-changing business insights.

Data & Analytics